Women Founders Circle

Women Founders Circle

Being a women founder can be very exhausting and lonely. We know how it feels. That's why we create this circle, so we can encourage, support, and learn from each other!

One of the things that stood out for me when I started TinkerSpace, is how lonely being a woman entrepreneur is.

Women founders need to deal with getting enough income to pay salaries of staffs, figuring out how to do things without having to spend money to pay outside contractors, how to get paying clients, how to ensure the finances are healthy, how to innovate our products and services, and million of other business-related things,

on top of dealing with family-related issues (such as making sure the fridge is stocked, the children finish their homework, the husband is happy), and personal-related issues (such as having enough time to socialize with friends, taking care of sick best friend, or making sure we have enough time to maintain our personal wellbeing) that we are already dealing with.

Being a woman is hard, being a woman founder is even harder!

That is why, this circle is for us. For us to find support and encouragement we need on certain times, or to support and encourage others during the other times. Or at least, to find other women who are struggling with similar things like we are.

It’s FREE to join, however every registration for membership will be evaluated to ensure positive experience for all members. Members are NOT obliged to attend every gathering.

Women Founders Circle (WFC) is:

    • A support group, free for all women founders to join
    • A place where every woman connect as a woman founder, who is also a person with needs and struggles
    • A place where women can meet other people as themselves, not as representation of their businesses/entities.
    • A place where you can hopefully find and foster genuine and authentic relationships
    • A place you can come and go as you please
    • NOT a religious group based on certain religion (everyone is welcomed!)
    • NOT a business networking circle (we have too many of these already)
    • NOT a business accelerator program (we don’t provide / facilitate business consultations during gatherings)
    • NOT a selling platform
    • NOT a recruitment platform for any kinds of memberships

TinkerSpace only provides a virtual space and facilitates the online gatherings. We are not going to promote our services during the online gatherings. Why? Cause we *ALSO* would like to connect as women founders, not as TinkerSpace representation! 🙂

We are launching the first online gathering on end of July 2020 through Zoom conference.

Interested to join the circle? Register now!