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/ The Social Enterprise Lab

We provide creative solutions to social enterprises by working with them to build their capacities, so they can become self-sufficient and sustainable organisations.

Our Way of Helping Making Impact

Our Social Enterprise Lab is made possible from profits we earn from other services which goes directly to help fund our consultants to design and implement the strategy, and subsidizing the cost of the tools the social enterprises need to be able to implement independently.

Our Services

One-on-one online consultation

If you are a nonprofit or a social enterprise founder and currently struggling to be sustainable, we are here for you!

Book your FREE 30 mins consultation with us so we can get to know you and your challenges better. No commitment needed, you decide after we design and propose a work plan that will help you to achieve your goals.

We also have a subsidized rate for selected social enterprises!

Invite us for your workshop

Are you running a social enterprise accelerator or community development program and looking for someone to deliver a Branding, Marketing, and Storytelling workshop?

We can help you!

We have run workshops for social entrepreneurs through programs run by Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS) and Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) by SecondMuse. We know how to simplify big theories into simple, applicable steps.

Email us at hello[at]tinkerspace.id for further inquiries.


What Our Clients Say​

Our Previous Work with Social Enterprises

PKP Community Centre

PKP Community Centre, formerly known as KIM Women’s Centre, is a Balinese grass-root social initiative led by Ni Komang Sariadi, or famously called Sari Pollen provides a safe haven for marginalised Balinese women, empowering them through skills training and employment.

PKP Community Centre now provides a thriving home, a safe space to grow and collaborate for all members of the community, working hand in hand as equals for their collective growth. PKP has started several income generating activities that provide jobs to these women, such as PKP Catering and PKP Shop, while still accepting donations to fund their daily operational cost.

PKP identified the main priorities and challenges that they were facing to grow and we helped them to achieve their goals by creating a consistent and unified online presence as a means to share their activities and current needs, and also to promote and market the products and services offered by PKP social enterprises. The online presence (OP) strategy was implemented to make it easier for their strong base of supporters and donors from all over the world to find their preferred ways to help PKP, and to also see the impact of their donations to PKP.

Kopi Panas Foundation

Kopi Panas Foundation (KPF) is a nonprofit based in Jakarta, focusing on building capacity of privately-owned, self-funded centers for people with mental illness who are coming from low income communities and are often found stranded on the streets of Jakarta. KPF identified the main priorities and challenges that they were facing internally, and we helped them to achieve their goals by implementing the foundational strategic work needed by the organization.

TinkerSpace provided in-house consultation service for 3 months, to build the foundation’s organizational capacities to make impact. This is achieved through:

  1. Establishing internal work flow, project management, and collaboration system (especially in light of current COVID-19 pandemic, where remote working capabilities are highly needed)
  2. Creating organizational annual and quarterly goals and strategies to achieve the goals
  3. Creating program and impact measurement strategy to enable organization to tap into additional funding opportunities, such as corporate sponsorships and grants
  4. Creating and implementing branding and communication strategy to increase visibility and awareness, including relaunching the website and revamping Instagram feed
  5. Building audience of social media through Instagram Live chats focusing on mental well-being topics to assist public in coping with self isolation and social distancing
  6. Rebuilding foundation’s website to better convey their mission and activities
  7. Fundraising for special COVID-19 projects.

We also run Workshops!

TinkerSpace is honored to be invited to collaborate with other social enterprise accelerators in Indonesia,  such as Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS) and Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) program by SecondMuse, to run workshops and to conduct consultation calls with social entrepreneurs across Indonesia, on topics such as Branding, Marketing, Selling, and Storytelling. 

Platform Usaha Sosial (PLUS)

PLUS is a collaborative space for the social impact ecosystem in Indonesia to connect, learn, collaborate and create a more meaningful impact to community and environment. It is currently active in running capacity building programs for social entrepreneurs across Indonesia. 

With the grant support from the Ford Foundation, PLUS and Rumah Energy launched a 1 year project in Lombok called ProWomen, as part of the continuous effort in developing and piloting scalable and replicable tools, methodologies, and new media strategies for delivering sustainable business development services to green economic enterprises run by rural women in Indonesia.

TinkerSpace has been honoured to get involved as one of the facilitators for Branding, Marketing, and Selling workshops for ProWomen program taking place in Senggigi, Lombok Island, on July 2019 and also to conduct consultation calls for social entrepreneurs from Padang and Papua, under PLUS Inclusive Islands program, sponsored by Developing Inclusive and Creative Economies (DICE) from British Council, Indonesia.

Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA)

Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) is building a social innovation ecosystem to address ocean plastic leakage within Indonesia. Surabaya is the first OPPA pilot project location. Through various program activities, OPPA is creating a collaborative network for innovative solutions to address challenges in the local waste management system and recycling sector.

OPPA has launched its pilot in Surabaya and surrounding cities in East Java, making it the first region to foster innovations in solving plastic waste problems.  TinkerSpace was invited to deliver workshop on Branding and Storytelling, during their event in Surabaya, February 2020.