Our Network

Our Network

PLUS is a collaborative space for the social impact ecosystem in Indonesia to create more meaningful impact. PLUS have been running several accelerator program in various locations across Indonesia, and have engaged TinkerSpace to mentor and coach social entrepreneurs in their programs, specifically in Branding, Marketing, and Selling topic for:

  • 50 women entrepreneurs in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia during ProWomen program workshop in 2019
  • 2 social entrepreneurs from Jayapura in Papua, and Padang in West Sumatra through three online coaching calls during PLUS DICE Inclusive Islands program in 2019

Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) by Second Muse is  building a social innovation ecosystem to address ocean plastic leakage within Indonesia. Surabaya is the first OPPA pilot project location. Through various program activities, OPPA is creating a collaborative network for innovative solutions to address challenges in the local waste management system and recycling sector.

TinkerSpace provided coaching service for the participants of OPPA program during Branding and Storytelling workshop in Surabaya, on February 2020.

PKP Community Centre, formerly known as KIM Women’s Centre, has an overall goal to facilitate village community empowerment and to promote gender equality to Balinese women and girls in their local area. PKP empowers communities, especially women, by providing job skills training and support programs like cooking classes and English classes. Most importantly, the centre thriving home, a safe space to grow and collaborate for all members of the Balinese community, working hand in hand as equals for their collective growth.

Start Me Up helps undergraduate students and recent graduates to learn skills through internships abroad. By organizing one or two-month structured internships with (mainly) tech start-ups across several locations, they provide participants with a structured, safe and supportive educational experience. The aim is to equip young people with in-demand skills and experience that will fast-track their careers – in an amazing location. Working in conjunction with leading entrepreneurs, they have run programs across three continents for students from Ivy League and Russell Group Universities including Cornell, Princeton, Oxford, Cambridge and UCL.

Kopi Panas Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organisation, currently focusing on mental health awareness and building the capacity of non-government mental recovery centers providing services for patients from low income communities.

TinkerSpace is honored to be involved in their medium-term project as an in-house consultant to increase their own organisation’s sustainability and capacity to make impact.