/ The OP Lab

/ The OP Lab

OP is a short for Online Presence.
In our OP Lab, we can help you to assess, tweak, and maximize your Online Presence (OP)

Do you have an online home for your business? A place where you can communicate everything about your business, your products and services, and your values, clearly and succinctly?

Can potential customers easily find all the information they need to make the purchase decision?

Do you communicate effectively online, to lead your potential customers through the Customer Experience Journey all the way to the purchase?

Have you made it very easy for customers to purchase your products or services?

Not yet? Or not sure?

That’s ok, we are here to help you!

For every service you book:

You will be paying for the tools we use to provide the best products and services, and also the first year subscriptions of the tools YOU are going to bring home with you to ensure sure you can update and maintain your assets by yourself.

You will be paying TinkerSpace consultants for their skills and time, enabling them to not have to worry how to put food on their tables, and can focus on providing the best ideas and services for your business.

We donate our profit to help causes we care about, including to subsidize services for impactful social enterprises who otherwise will not be able to afford our services.

Available Services

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Website Development

Having a website allows you to share everything about your business, from brand values to product features to where to find your product.
Your website can serve as a landing page for people visiting from your social media posts, where people can find all the information they need to make purchase decisions.

People sometimes judge the credibility of your business, even perceive the quality of your products and services based on your website, and sometimes they even do it BEFORE they make contact with you.

Therefore it is important to create a proper and presentable online home for your business — and TinkerSpace can help you build it.

And better yet, after we set up your website, we also train you on how to update and maintain the website easily!
All website development package will receive:
FREE 1 year domain subscription
FREE 1 year website hosting
worth almost USD 200!

Just Social Media

You need to have a strong social media presence with consistent branding but just don’t have time to design posts from scratch every single time?
We can help you with that!
Depending on what you need, we can create a social media calendar, with daily prompts so you can even create your content weekly using a scheduler and post them throughout the week when you receive a reminder notification, or you can even get them posted automatically!
We can also set you up with easy design tool, where we create social media templates for you to use – already using your brand color palette.
We can set up these tools for you, and train you how to use them so you can maintain your social media content independently!

The Whole OP Workout

You need the Whole OP Workout – social media and website development, but also other online channels you are using to reach your target market?


We can help assess the channels you are using at the moment, to ensure we focus on the ones making the best impact, and we will set up the tools for you and train you to use them so you can maintain them by yourself.

What Our Clients Say​


We will be able to help you better if we know where you are at. Book your FREE 30 minutes consultation with us, so we can help design the service you need!