Let's Start with Why

This is our story.

Simon Sinek, the renowned American author and motivational speaker, always says “We need to start with why”. So this is my why, our story.

I started TinkerSpace as a social enterprise in 2019 because I wanted to “change the world”. During the first year, TinkerSpace designed and executed programs mainly taking place in Bali. We ran internship programs and social enterprise experience trips; together with local social enterprises. We worked to build and foster their growth by partnering with them in executing these programs, complemented with our expertise through our consulting service. Through these programs, we were able to provide specific skills that are required for these social enterprises to grow and to help empower their beneficiaries efficiently.

However, after engaging with various social enterprises in Bali and outside the island through partnerships with other social enterprise accelerators, I came to realize that there are so many unspoken challenges faced by women entrepreneurs like me who want to “change the world”.

Business-wise, there’s always so many things to do, and so few resources! So many things we need to figure out by ourselves, and a lot of times it involves visual and design skills (which not all of us have), to create a nice presentation of our business out there, like on websites and social media. Luckily, I have a strong Branding and Marketing background, and I love to tinker. I tried and tested and then later compiled different useful tools and strategies and have finally established TinkerSpace Labs to help other women and social entrepreneurs.

As a founder, nobody told me that the journey of being a woman social entrepreneur is often exhausting, and lonely, with so few who actually understand how we feel, because we have different priorities and values with other entrepreneurs. I started my journey by forsaking myself, my dreams for myself, because I was so focused on helping other people, and having dreams for myself felt selfish. But then I learned that it’s the quickest way towards burntout. I became frustrated when it took so long to create change, because I was so exhausted.

But after a few U-turns, detours and breakdowns, I decided to take these personal challenges by the horns and I dived deep into the world of mental well-being. I realized, I cannot “save the world” if I am unwell, physically and mentally. Therefore, I learned about different self-healing techniques that have brought my awareness to my past traumas and false beliefs about myself that have affected how I live, how I work, how I lead and how I run my business.

Healing journeys are not linear, and it will take a lifetime.  But I am keen to share what I have discovered with you, as fellow social enterprise founder, we can love the world, and also love ourselves.

With these experiences in mind, in 2020, I decided to revamp TinkerSpace, so I will be able to provide support where it is needed, by embracing what I am good at: Branding and Marketing!

I sincerely hope through these programs and services, TinkerSpace can contribute in providing support for women and social entrepreneurs. And no, we are no longer aiming to change the world. We are just aiming to help you make whatever social and environmental impact you wish to make, if you wish to do so. But even if you don’t want to change the world, but just the lives of a few people working for you, it’s OK too.

Changing the world is never possible. But it’s very possible to change ourselves and a few other people. And I hope TinkerSpace will be able to help you to do that.

Citra Savitri