Welcome to TinkerSpace!
Empowering women and social entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and make impact.
/ The Branding Lab
Get your brands out there and change the world! We offer various Branding and Marketing services, and we make it easy for you and your team to implement it.
/ OP Lab
In our OP Lab, we can help you to assess, tweak, and maximize your Online Presence (OP). We also train you so you can continue maintaining these yourself. Yes, even maintaining and updating your website!
/ Social Enterprise Lab
If you are a social enterprise or a social enterprise accelerator, we have a space special for you!
Women Founders Circle
A support circle for you, all women founders of businesses and nonprofits, to meet, encourage, support, and learn from each other. FREE for all women founders!

What is TinkerSpace?

tinker (verb)  uk /ˈtɪŋ.kər/ us /ˈtɪŋ.kɚ/
to make small changes to something, especially in an attempt to repair or improve it.
space (noun)  uk /speɪs/ us /speɪs/
an empty area that is available to be used.
TinkerSpace is a (virtual) space we create to help women and social entrepreneurs like you; to explore and make changes or improvement to your businesses.
And no, we are not a physical coworking space. Yet.

What We Do

We are a social enterprise consulting service, focusing to empower women and social entrepreneurs to make more impact through their products and services.

We provide Marketing and Branding services for women and social entrepreneurs.

We understand budget is limited, but visibility, brand consistency, and online presence is important. That’s why we always focus on what matters the most at the moment, the one that will make the most impact for your businesses.

Why TinkerSpace is different

We will make sure you can continue doing the work yourself!

Our first-hand experience as entrepreneurs and with work experience in a fintech startup taught us valuable startup skills using various tools available out there. However, we understand learning, and setting up these tools can be intimidating.

So, we experimented with various tools, and we have selected the tools we think are the best, and also the handiest. The set up might be complicated, but maintaining is easy. Our service will always include TRAINING, so you will be able to continue maintaining and updating your strategy yourself. This way, you will not be dependent on any external vendors to do things you want to do later on, and you can save some money too!

TinkerSpace is a social enterprise

Our profit enables us to provide the same services for social enterprises in Indonesia, enabling them to make a bigger social and environmental impact in their communities. It also enables us to host and facilitate Women Founders Circle online gathering, free of charge and open for all women founders of businesses and nonprofits.

Our Services

Book your FREE 30 minutes online consultation with us,

so we can help you identify the solutions you need!

/ The Branding Lab

Through our / Branding Lab, we offer a different range of Branding and Marketing services, stripped down to the essentials, tailored to help women and social entrepreneurs, especially but not limited to, the ones who are just starting the journey.

Check out our list of services, each tailored to help entrepreneurs like you. We also provide FREE 30 minutes initial consultation!

/ OP Lab

OP is a short for Online Presence.

In our / OP Lab, we can help you to assess, tweak, and maximize your Online Presence (OP). Cause you know, everything is online these days!

We will help you set up a strong online presence through consistent content and brand presence throughout various channels. We also assess your customer experience journey, to increase the possibility of interest from potential customers will turn into sales.

And even better, we train you so you can continue maintaining these yourself. Yes, even maintaining and updating your website!

/ Social Enterprise Lab

Social Enterprise Lab (SE Lab) was born out of our passion to make impact sustainable. And we are social entrepreneurs ourselves, so we get you and your passion!

The SE Lab covers wider topics – from assessing your business model and establishing  an organizational strategy to creating an effective and impactful Branding, Marketing, and Communications strategy to help you be sustainable as a business. And of course, training on tools you can use to execute these strategies yourself.

We have a subsidized rate for selected social enterprises!

Book your FREE 30 minutes consultation to identify the priority needs and to help us design a suitable program for you.

Women Founders Circle

Are you a  woman founder of businesses and nonprofits, often feeling exhausted and lonely with so few who actually understand how you feel? Join our Women Founders Circle, and meet your kindred spirits who also know how it feels!

See what our clients say about us

Why We Do It

We are actually a social entrepreneur first, consultant second.  We know how it feels to be a woman social entrepreneur, we know the struggle first hand.  We understand the desire to change the world for the better. We understand why we take this path less-traveled of entrepreneurship, so we can help other people; in some ways. We also understand the limited resources, therefore every expense needs to be calculated very carefully.

We know; the journey is not easy. That’s why we started TinkerSpace. We want to focus on what we do best, and offering those services to other women and social entrepreneurs who need them.

We are very good with Branding and Marketing, and we can help you through our / Branding Lab and / Online Presence (OP) Lab. 

And our profit enables us to provide the same services for social enterprises in Indonesia through our / Social Enterprise Lab, so they can make bigger social and environmental impacts in their communities.

So together, we empower YOU to make more impact, directly and indirectly!

Who We Are

We used to make advertisements, and we are also avid (and a bit fussy) consumers of various brands out there. We understand the Indonesian and female audience in general, with extensive experience in Marketing and Advertising handling global brands. We know some things about what makes people tick, we know what makes a brand stand out and memorable.

We also believe in a holistic approach to managing business, and we know that being the better version of ourselves helps to make us better leaders, and in the end, to make better business. For this, we also offer Women Founders Circle, where you can find support from other women entrepreneurs.

Our Network